Topalov massacra Kramnik!!!

Amigos[as], segue o supertorneio de Wijk ann Zee, com jogos marcantes. Topalov derrotou [de forma categórica] seu arqui-rival Vladimir Kramnik! E com grande estilo, utilizando uma novidade no lance 12 e vários, vários sacrifícios [cavlso, bispo, peões e dama!!!].

Kasparov assistiu e comentou a partida; no meio-jogo, Kasparov já anunciava que Topalov iria ganhar e que Kramnik tinha perdido a chance do empate!

Vejam abaixo, algumas fotos e a anotação da partida. Detalhe: os dois jogadores não se cumprimentaram nem se olharam, durante todo o jogo…

Wijk R09: Topalov beats Kramnik, Carlsen blunders
23.01.2008 – The grudge game started without a handshake – or even eye contact. On move twelve Veselin Topalov uncorked a novelty his second Ivan Cheparinov had found three years earlier. With Garry Kasparov watching on his opponent Vladimir Kramnik was unable to resist the pressure and lost. Tournament leader Magnus Carlsen also suffered his first defeat. Express report.

Results of round nine

Group A: Round 9 – Tues. Jan. 22th
Michael Adams – Loek van Wely
Levon Aronian – Pavel Eljanov
Vassily Ivanchuk – Shak. Mamedyarov
Judit Polgar – Teimour Radjabov
Veselin Topalov – Vladimir Kramnik
Boris Gelfand – Vishy Anand
Peter Leko – Magnus Carlsen
Group B: Round 9 – Tues. Jan. 22th
Sergei Movsesian – Nigel Short
Jan Smeets – Wouter Spoelman
Ian Nepomniachtchi – Daniël Stellwagen
Erwin L’Ami – Hou Yifan
Koneru Humpy – P. Harikrishna
Gabriel Sargissian – Etienne Bacrot
Ivan Cheparinov – Michal Krasenkow
Group C: Round 9 – Tues. Jan. 22th
Peng Zhaoqin – Irina Krush
Mark van der Werf – Parimarjan Negi
Dennis Ruijgrok – Friso Nijboer
Dimitri Reinderman – Anna Ushenina
Efstratios Grivas – Li Shilong
Fabiano Caruana – John van der Wiel
Pontus Carlsson – Arik Braun

Group A

The game of the day was of course Veselin Topalov vs Vladimir Kramnik, and the question of the day whether they would shake hands. They didn’t. But everything was done in full compliance with the FIDE directive: neither of the players refused to shake hands, because neither of the players offered to do so. They simply ignored each other completely, to the extent that even eye contact was studiously avoided.

The key game: Veselin Topalov vs Vladimir Kramnik in round nine

No handshake, no eye contact – but strictly according to FIDE rules

Chess Vibes
has posted a film of the start of round nine on YouTube

The game went well for Topalov, who was able to spring a dramatic novelty, 12.Nxf7, discovered by his second Ivan Cheparinov three years ago and carefully preserved for an important occasion. Kramnik came under serious pressure and missed clear drawing chances, as Garry Kasparov, watching the games on, pointed out in real time. More about that in the analysis tomorrow. In the end thing went badly downhill for the Russian GM and Topalov was able to chalk up an important psychological victory.

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